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Facials - Are they worth it?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

We take care of our skin at home, but one part of our skincare routine that is often overlooked is going and getting a professional facial. You may think that a facial is an extravagant frivolity but we believe that it should be an integral part of your skincare routine.

Your face is the part of your body that the world sees and as such, it should be looking it's best. Skincare problems such as rosacea, acne, dehydration or eczema can all be improved by a professional skin care expert creating a care regime that will give you long-term benefits.

Even if you don't suffer from any of the issues above, a facial can restore your skin, Helping to slow the ageing process and bring back a youthful glow. Having one facial a month can greatly benefit your skin as well as helping to prevent reoccurrences of skincare issues.

Preventing Ageing

So we all know we can't halt the ageing process, but regular facials can boost your skin's collagen and promote cell regeneration. This will slow ageing, remove toxins and eliminate free radicals.

Massage is a key part of a good facial as it promotes blood circulation, this will bring nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin as well as helping to remove toxins.

Facials Hastings

Our privately run clinic is based in Hastings in East Sussex. Here at Sussex Skin Health, we know that everyone's skin is different, when you book in with us, your first appointment with include an in-depth consultation where we will discuss your skin goals. We will evaluate aspects like your lifestyle, diet and health issues to create an appropriate treatment plan designed to suit you. Consultations are free with no obligation.

The Products

The products we use have been tried and tested by us over time. We only use performance led products we truly believe will benefit your skin, your success is our success and we want you to walk away looking and feeling great.

Glo Skincare

Glo is swiftly becoming one of the leading brands in aesthetic skin care. One of the only companies that can boast aesthetic grade products with the essential bonus of being cruelty-free. Their ethos for skin care is to start with your cleanser and end with your lipstick, so a range of beautiful mineral makeup is also available to buy.


The Simply Beautiful Collection is a British brand, founded in 1988 with years of botanical know how. The company uses high quality, natural active ingredients that offer a holistic solution to a range of facial and body skin care issues.

If you would like a free skin consultation please contact us.

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