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Why Wax?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Have you always favoured the daily shave over the idea of a monthly wax? Does the idea of leaving your hair to grow between sessions leave you reaching for the razor?

Here I'm going to give you 8 reasons to end the epilator, cut out the cream, and relinquish the razor.

1. Shaving cuts the hair on the surface of the skin, this leaves the hair sharp and prickly when it regrows. Waxing pulls hair from the root making it softer and much less noticeable when regrowth starts to occur.

2. Waxing lasts much longer than shaving as the hair is pulled from the root. You can usually expect smooth skin for around two weeks before any regrowth appears.

3. No risk of nicks or cuts from razors. Cutting yourself shaving can be sore and they can bleed like mad. Waxing eliminates any cutting risks as no sharp implements are used.

4. Waxing does not have to be as painful as you have always believed. Providing you have a well-trained practitioner, using quality products you should find your waxing experience quick with very little pain.

5. Shaving can cause rashes and irritations to sensitive skin. Using the gentle opal peelable wax created by Outback Organics, the most sensitive skins can be treated with waxing.

6. Visiting a waxing practitioner provides you with aftercare support, on how to prevent ingrowing hairs, how to make the effects of your wax last longer, and how to prepare for future waxing.

7. Your skin will get some mild exfoliation, waxing removes the very top layer of dead skin cells, giving you a smoother finish.

8. You get to enjoy a monthly trip to the salon. With the stresses of life, a monthly trip to be pampered and listened to is much needed. Your practitioner at Sussex Skin Health is highly qualified in all areas of waxing, with extra training from the 'Wax Queen' Kim Lawless, and the amazing Outback Organics team.

Waxing has been a part of self-care for centuries and these are just a few of the many benefits waxing is one of the worlds longest standing salon offerings.

So, just a few things you can expect from a waxing service at Sussex Skin Health, a Kim Lawless Salon. Your discretion and comfort are always at the forefront of any treatment you receive here, a full discussion is carried out beforehand to ensure you get the treatment you are looking for.

No double dipping - Waxing spatulas will not be reentered to a wax pot after making contact with skin. This eliminates any risk of cross infection.

The correct wax will be used in the correct areas - Peelable and strip wax have different beneficial properties on different areas of the body. With advanced training, I am confident I know which waxes to use in which areas.

The best products will be used - With Outback Organics waxing the skin is prepped and cleaned correctly before waxing begins, hydrating oil is applied to ensure wax glides on effortlessly without creating any "pull" on the skin. A selection of aftercare creams is applied depending on the skin's reaction and sensitivity. Outback Organics famous Bush Balm is always applied to intimate areas to soften, hydrate and heal skin.

Aftercare cards and advice is always given - To prevent ingrowing hairs and to get the best out of your wax, you will be provided with aftercare and a sample of Outback Organics Bush Balm. A selection of aftercare products are available for you to purchase.

Waxing Hastings

Sussex Skin Health is based in Hastings and we look forward to providing you with your waxing experience. For more information on our products and services, please contact us.

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