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Facials Hastings

Here at Sussex Skin Health, I offer bespoke, tailor-made facials in Hastings, St Leonards to suit whatever skincare concerns you may have.

I have helped many clients throughout Hastings and East Sussex achieve their skincare goals. With years of extensive training and knowledge in the skincare industry, I have become popular in the Sussex area for advanced skin conditions. Helping clients with issues such as acne, rosacea and much more.

My skincare ranges from the Casmara relaxation facials to the more advanced treatments, such as Chemical Exfoliation using the Glo Aesthetic skincare series, LED Light Therapy from Slimfit Aesthetics and Microneedling from the 4T Medical Group.

I also offer bespoke men's facials, with treatments for any age. The Beard Facial has become one of my most popular male facial treatments as the fuzzy face grows ever-increasing in popularity. 

If it's restful and relaxing facial or you have a targeted skincare complaint you would like to talk to me about, please get in touch using the online contact form.
Get in contact if you would like to find out more. If you would like to book an appointment please you can do so online.
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