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Hollywood Waxing in Hastings

With many different styles of intimate wax on offer, let me begin with understanding what the different styles are:
Standard bikini wax
This takes us just to the knicker line, including up the knicker line underneath and the leg raised, removing any hair visible outside the knicker line.
Brazilian waxing
This takes us further in and removes all hair from underneath, including from the labia and butt. A small strip or triangle depending on the client’s choice is left remaining. Clients are usually requested to remove all underwear before treatment.
Hollywood wax
This removes everything completely, from the top of the pubic mound to everything underneath, this has become a popular wax as it allows the client to wear any size of underwear without the risk of any hairs unknowingly making an appearance. Clients are required to remove underwear before treatment.
So, why is Sussex Skin Health first choice for a Hollywood wax in Hastings and St Leonards?
I have been waxing for 15 years, and Hollywood waxing for the same length of time. Experience in understating hair growth and pattern is essential in ensuring a comfortable, effective wax. I have been waxing Hollywood style on all ages and hair types for long enough to be confident and reassuring throughout your service.
The wax used at Sussex Skin Health is of the highest quality, Outback Organics peelable waxes are perfectly suited to this delicate area. Clients are given an intimate wipe before treatment, for freshening up, and a sachet of the amazing Bush Balm to take home with them after treatment to use during the healing process to keep the skin calm and hydrated.
Extensive training has been undertaken, I utilised my own experience gained over the many years of waxing and advanced my education. Qualified in intimate wax with Outback Organics and Kim Lawless has enabled me to deliver the best technique to my customers during the Hollywood wax service.
Contact Sussex Skin Health for any waxing enquiries and requests you may have. You can book an appointment for Waxing online.
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