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Fibroblast - Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening and Lifting Using ACCOR Plasma Technology

  • 1 h
  • Priced per session.
  • Fern Road

Service Description

Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a revolutionary treatment allowing the the effective tightening of the skin without surgery. This non invasive treatment shrinks and tightens the skin on any area of the body with minimal downtime. Once the skin is tightened this is a permanent effect! It also effectively treats pigmentation. ACCOR is the leading company in plasma technology. Using a low frequency plasma, the area you wish to be treated can be done so without the nib ever coming to contact with the skin. What happens during your treatment? A tiny shock of Plasma is delivered to the skin, causing a small arc or magic dots as they like to be called, using the ACCOR grid technique the dots are placed accurately to pull the skin together, lifting and tightening lines and sagging skin. This causes your natural defence barriers to send a surge of collagen and elastin to the area to heal, and lifting takes place. Does it hurt? A topical numbing cream is placed on the skin prior to treatment. A small amount of heat is felt during the treatment. What will I feel after the treatment? As the topical anaesthetic starts to wear off you will start to feel the warmth, you may feel slightly sunburned for the next 24 hours as the skin settles. You will be given after care cream to look after your treated area. If you have the eye area treated, this tends to swell slightly, lasting 2 or 3 days. The dots come away after 10 days maximum, although it is usually sooner than this depending on your healing. How long is it before I see an effect? You can see results immediately, and I ask you take regular pictures weekly to keep an eye on your progress as the tightening is still happening for up to 12 weeks. Costing: Upper Eyelid Lift £200 Eyelid Lift + Crows Feet £230 Crows Feet £100 Lower Eye Lift + Crows Feet £230 Glabella (frown lines) £60 - £100 Depending on amount of lines. Lower Prices Coming Soon Consultations must be carried out prior to this treatment where a patch test will be carried out on a non-visible area. A booking fee will be taken on consultation to secure future treatments.

Contact Details

  • 18 Fern Road, Saint Leonards-on-sea, UK

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